The following members of the IBSC Chitkara University Punjab registered with Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India have been approved:

S.No. Composition Full Name Current Designation Present Affiliation Fields of Expertise
1 Chairman Dr Navita Gupta Assistant Professor Chitkara University Cell biology and Molecular Biology
2 DBT Nominee Dr Neeraj Khatri Principal Scientist & Head CSIR-IMTech Biosciences & Biotechnology
3 Member Secretary Dr Satyam K Agrawal Professor Chitkara University Biotechnology & Mammalian Cell culture
4 Biosafety Officer Dr Meenakshi Sood Associate Professor Chitkara University MBBS
5 Outside Expert Dr Deepak Sharma Senior Scientist CSIR-IMTech Yeast Biology and Protein Biophysics
6 Internal Member Dr Varsha Singh Assistant Professor Chitkara University Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
7 Internal Member Dr Meesala K Murthy Assistant Professor Chitkara University Genomics, Genetics
8 Internal Member Dr Kiranjeet Kaur Assistant Professor Chitkara University Microbiology